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Specially Designed V-Clamps™

Aligns quickly to tubes, high quality, made in the USA, rent or buy, two sizes available.

"When Man Hours Are At A Premium"

Increase productivity and save man hours with a high quality clamp that aligns in seconds.

Advanced Pneumatics Products


The V-Clamp™ was designed to quickly align tubes prior to welding, making it easier and less expensive than building clamps on this site.

Aligns tubes in seconds
Light and easy to use in tight spaces
Tough, high quality prevents downtime

Professionally assembled
Forged “American” steel frames
Designed and field tested for safety

One saved man hour = one month rental rate

Rent or Buy
Rent - $25.00 per week $92.50/month
Buy - $340 V-2.5, $370 V-4

2 Sizes Available
V 2.5 – clamps tubes from ¾” – 2.5” O.D.
V 4 – clamps tubes from 2” – 4” O.D.

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News & Announcements

H&S Tool - July, 2016

After representing the wonderful team at H&S Tool for over 17 years Advanced Pneumatics has resigned their sales agency effective July 1. Thank you to Tollef and Mark Hillestad for starting H&S Tool. Thanks also to Randy, Larry, Erica, Jody, John, Brenda and everyone else for their support over the years. It has been an honor for us at Advanced Pneumatics to work with you.

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